Syncro + Bitdefender: Security Prevention & Detection

How cyber resilient are your clients?

Join the discussion on security prevention and detection with our panel of experts

Prevention is the first step to protect your end users from cyber threats, but detection and response become more important as attacks become more sophisticated. You can’t give breaches a chance to fall through the cracks.

Syncro Director of Product Dale Dawson and Bitdefender Technical Director for Cloud and MSP Michael Reeves, CISSP showcase how to build a comprehensive security plan. This will help you uncover attacks quickly and help your clients recover soundly whether they’re working from home or the office.

In this free on-demand webinar, you’ll learn:

  • Why security risks are escalating end-user security requirements
  • How you can combat advanced threats with risk analytics and endpoint detection and response
  • How Syncro & Bitdefender strengthen your clients’ security and grow your revenue