Syncro RMM & Bitdefender MDR: A Powerful Pair to Secure Your Clients & Drive Revenue

On Demand

Manage Endpoints with Syncro—and Secure Them with Bitdefender

Syncro is excited to expand our partnership with Bitdefender, bringing the power of Managed Detection & Response (MDR), Extended Detection & Response (XDR), and Mobile Security to Syncro for the first time.

Your single greatest security need is people. Hiring, training, and retaining security professionals is costly and time-consuming.

What if you had a security team from the U.S. Air Force, U.S. Navy, British Intelligence, and NSA supporting you instantaneously?

Watch Syncro’s Partner Development Director Andy Cormier and Bitdefender’s Technical Director, MSP & Cloud, Michael Reeves as they showcase how you can harness the MDR, XDR, and Mobile Security to protect your clients against cyber threats.

You’ll learn:

  • How Bitdefender MDR eliminates security skills gaps and alert fatigue for your team with 24×7 defense from a global network of highly trained and experienced security and intelligence analysts
  • How Bitdefender XDR improves your visibility to detect, triage, and respond rapidly to threats across your entire organization.
  • How to sell Bitdefender MDR, XDR, and Mobile Security to your clients and earn sellthrough revenue to grow your business.
Bitdefender MDR On Demand Webinar