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Today we want to cover everything you need to know about using Syncro’s Worksheet tool.

Worksheets are a powerful way to track tasks for the varying job types that your business handles. Think of these sheets as checklists or forms that you and your team members can use to ensure that you’re completing all the necessary steps of a specific Ticket type.

Worksheets are valuable because:

  1. If you choose to show Ticket summaries to your client, they can see exactly what work was performed. This also covers you and your team, ensuring that your client knows you completed all of the necessary steps to diagnose and correct issues.
  2. They provide a guide that the person completing the work can follow, making sure they accomplish the right tasks for each job and don’t accidentally forget a step.
  3. They help you better organize your various job types and are highly customizable.

We also recently released the ability to create an “Ad Hoc” Worksheet for job types that are out of your norm, or if you’re faced with a situation where you’d need to create a special worksheet on-the-fly.

We will run through the basic “How to” information below, but please reference our Help Center article here for more detailed information!

Creating Ticket Worksheet Templates:

  1. Log into your Syncro account and head into your Admin area.
  2. Locate the “Ticket” section in the left-hand column and select “Ticket Worksheets.”
  3. You will see a “title” field on this page to begin creating a new Worksheet Template.
  4. Follow the remaining instructions to complete the template, and be sure to click “Save Worksheet.”

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  5. The template will now be available for use within the Ticket Details page of a Ticket!

Tip: If you’d like to ensure that certain Worksheets are automatically added to Tickets of a certain type, you can set this up via the “Worksheets” section of the Ticket Custom Field edit screen. More information on that here.

To Start and Complete a Worksheet in a Ticket:

  1. From a Ticket Detail page, go to the “Worksheets” section on the right side and click on “+ New.”
  2. Select a template type from the dropdown menu of options or choose “Ad Hoc,” give your worksheet a title, and click the checkmark button to create.
  3. After creating you can do things like make the Worksheet private, finalize it, etc.:

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  4. After finalizing the Worksheet, you’ll have a summary of the work that was completed, including the ability to view change history such as who completed the task, what time, etc.

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You can also print Ticket Worksheets and set various permissions around worksheets. Learn more about that here.

Let us know how you’re using Worksheets by writing to us at help@syncromsp.com or by posting in the Syncro Users Facebook group!

The Syncro Team