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Open Position

Technical Support Representative

Syncro is a small team crafting applications that help small businesses be more successful.  We’re looking for someone who can gain a deep understanding of our app, address customer inquries, and provide execptional customer support.

About This Position:

We build software for small businesses to make managing their repair shops a labor of love…especially when they are using our software. 🙂

If you can answer YES to all of these, you might be a great fit with our team:

1. You love a full, fast day and are constantly wondering “Where did the day go?”
2. Are you a hands on learner and love figuring out new software?
3. You love debating with your techy friends about which is better, Google apps or Office 365, or internet over ethernet vs wifi? 
4. Are you typically ahead of the curve when discussing a new high tech subject with a room full of IT people?
5. You have excelled in a tech support role taking 100% ownership of a wide range of duties?

Our software does job tracking, marketing, invoicing, integrates tons of online tools — and makes work fun.

You will be the primary face of our business to our raving fan customer base. We are a different kind of software company — we know that making the lives of our customers easier and more fun is the way to build great long-term relationships.

We’re building a company that values human beings, creativity, trust, and inspires success and happiness in the lives our employees and customers. 

If this sounds like the kind of team you want to be part of, we want to hear about you.


– Position designed to grow with the company (Seriously, try us).
– We want this to be your dream job and to help you make that so.
– We will put you on a fast track to mastering “‘wearing many hats.”
– We will advance your career like nobody else — stay with us for the long haul and we’ll keep you challenged, learning, passionate, and growing.
– Results-oriented: Keep our customers in love with us and you can design your ideal day.
– We are currently a remote team working from home and a few regional offices (Seattle, Bellevue, Bay Area, Orange County, Spokane, Los Angeles).

What You'll Be Doing:

– Providing exceptional customer support/technical support.
– Gaining deep understanding of our app.
– Addressing customer inquiries and educating them on our product.
– Helping connect customers with our sales and development teams.
– Create our ever-expanding Knowledge Base. 
– Keeping track of everything that happens; if a customer tells you about a storm in the area, we love to know so we keep communication personal.
– Proactively communicating with customers: if an issue is being held up, check in every couple days so people feel taken care of.
– Helping the team keep a super high level of customer happiness. 
– Lots more – we have a big list of needs. 🙂

What We're Looking For:

– You’re always learning and teaching yourself.
– You must be a self-driven, self-learner (autodidacts ftw). 
– Must be an “Internet Power User(tm)” – fast with google, keyboard shortcuts, love spending time on the internet.
– Collaborative and driven to develop yourself and the team you’re part of.
– You get people and you want to help them.
– Excellent communication skills – verbal, written and electronic.
– Exceptional phone presence.
– You care — which means a natural attention to detail and investment in customer success.
– Self motivated with ability to think creatively to identify solutions for addressing customer needs.
– Ability to multi-task in a fast paced environment.
– You’re kind and wily (in a good way).

How to Get Hired by Us:

Email us a pretend (but very real) answer to one of these pretend (but very real) example customer service questions:


“Do you know when you might support multiple tax rates? In BC, Canada we have 2 taxes to charge, PST 7% and GST 5%.”  -John Smith Customer, Owner, PC Technorati

“We bill our clients by selling them a block of prepaid hours and then deducting hours from their prepaid balance when they need service. Can we bill our clients that way in your system?” – Jane Smith Customer, CEO, Fixit Pros, Inc. 

Just demonstrate that you are an individual, you have a personality, you enjoy life, and you enjoy good work. And please include a resume. 🙂


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