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The weather has been getting chilly, but that doesn’t mean we’ve cooled down on building new stuff for Syncro. We’ve been working away at some wondrous new features that users have been requesting. Check the updates out below!

FileUpload Script Module Function
You can now use one of our custom Syncro Script Module functions to upload files to an Asset via Scripting. Whether you want to attach a desktop screenshot to an Asset, capture system logs, or grab another other file type – this new feature lets you do it.

Syncro FileUpload

Set Asset Custom Field Module function

You can now update custom fields on Assets from a Script. If there is any custom information you want to gather on the Device and save on your Assets, you can use this function to update them.

For example, say you wanted to keep track of an Asset’s uptime. Now, you can update a Script with an Asset Custom Field called ‘Uptime’ and start gathering that information.

N-Central Script Importer
We added an importer for N-Central Scripts. Now, when you go to create a new Script, you can paste the XML of an N-Central script export into Syncro’s Script body with type ‘Import’. Create the Script and it will auto-magically convert a Script correctly based on the export.

N-Central Script Import

Custom Contact Fields
You can now add custom fields to your Customers’ contacts! Customers and contacts will share the same fields, but you can save different information for each on a per contact level.

To enter custom field information for a contact, go to the Customer page, select the contacts tab and then fill out the information you’d like to store on each contact. Note that if you have a contact assigned to a ticket, you can show that contact’s custom field data via template tags in .PDF’s.

Custom Contact Field

PayPal/Zapier apps are now available in the App Center
We’ve added a PayPal integration that allows your customers to use PayPal to pay invoices via the customer portal.

Additionally, Syncro now supports Zapier integrations. Zapier allows you to “define triggers” called “Zaps” and make those perform “actions” in another app.

For example, you could build this Zap: [When a customer is created in Syncro] -> [Create a Contact in Gmail]. The [When a customer is created] part is the trigger (Zap), and the [Create a Contact in Gmail] part is the action. Zapier literally has 500+ apps you trigger from, which gives you a super powerful amount of automation opportunity. Try it out!

New Browser Login Security Email
Now, when your Syncro account is logged into from a previously unknown browser, you will get an email notifying you of the login with specific info like location/time/machine type so you can verify it is valid.

If you have any questions or have more suggestions for how we can make Syncro better, we’d love to hear from you: help@syncromsp.com

The Syncro Team