Hey Syncro users,

It may be Throwback Thursday, but we’re here with new news!

This week, we shipped a few features that were highly requested from the Syncro community. Read on to check out some of the cool new features we’ve added recently.

  1. Agent Online / Offline Alert
  2. System Tray Menu Items for Support Portal and Custom URL’s
  3. VBS – Now Supported in Scripts
  4. Script Module Documentation

Agent Online / Offline Alert
This feature creates an Alert for you if a device has been offline over a specified amount of time. In a Policy, you can set an amount of time a device can be offline before creating an Alert to notify you. You can also select the time span until you receive another alert about the same device using the “Re-arm” feature. Even better, you can you can see the current status of the Agent from the Monitoring tab (green means no alert since the last re-arm).

Setup System Alert by Editing a Policy

View System Status in a Device’s Monitoring Tab

System Tray Menu Items for Support Portal and Custom URL’s
Your customers can now request service directly from their computer’s system tray! You can also set any URL to appear under menu items in the System Tray, which lets you provide helpful links (ie. your website, a contact form, your remote session tool of choice if not Syncro Live) directly to customers.

To activate these features, go to the Policies module and click the Policy you want to edit. Scroll down and complete the set up under Device System Tray Menu.

Activate System Tray Features by Editing a Policy

System Tray fun!

VBS – Now Supported in Scripts
Syncro’s Custom Scripting now supports VBScript in addition to Batch and PowerShell.

VBS Now Supported

Script Module Documentation
We’ve had a Custom Scripting module for a while now (err, 4 weeks..) where you can do super powerful stuff. We’ve recently added documentation to make it turnkey to run a couple key tasks. Currently the options include RMM-Alert, Display-Alert, Get-ScreenCapture, and Send-Email and we’ll be adding more soon.

Script Documentation Available at the Bottom of Scripting Module

Stay tuned next week for some big feature news along with an announcement you won’t want to miss.. 🙂

– Syncro team