Hey all,

Check out the list of items we’ve shipped over the last couple of months. In case you missed them, our bigger feature releases are toward the top, followed by some smaller updates and bug fixes.

  1. Single Customer Permissions: We’ve released Single Customer Permissions, allowing you to limit your Syncro account users to access only a single Customer if you wish. Learn more here.
  2. Syncro Live: We’ve added a Service Manager to Syncro Live, allowing you to better manage your client’s Windows devices without having to remote in or use scripting to get the Windows Services information you need. Learn more here
  3. Webroot: We released an integration with Webroot. Learn more here.
  4. Syncro RMM Agent: We’ve added a Contact Form option to the Syncro RMM Agent system tray menu so you can have clients submit a Ticket by clicking on the system tray icon and selecting the Contact Form option. Learn more here.
  5. Documentation Center: We’ve added a “Template” Documentation Center page type to make creating new pages more efficient. Learn more here.
  6. Payment Profiles: We’ve added reminder emails and notifications to inform your team and clients about an expiring Payment Profile before it expires. Learn more here.
  7. Masked Credentials: You can now utilize a “masked credentials” field to securely store and easily share important credential information with your team (via the Documentation Center) and clients (via the Customer Portal). Learn more here.
  8. Password Vault: You can now change your Password Vault Passphrase! Learn more here.
  9. Recurring Invoices: You can now choose to charge your clients on the Recurring Invoice due date, rather than the date the Recurring Invoice is generated which the system does by default. Learn more here.
  10. Recurring Invoices: You can now choose to disable the creation of Recurring Invoices containing zero line items. Learn more here.
  11. Estimates: We added an advanced search icon to the top of the Estimates page allowing you to better sift through and sort your Estimates. Learn more here.

Additional Updates:

  1. Assets: We added a bunch of new system information columns to the Assets index for Syncro devices.
  2. Leads: We’ve added a “Mark as Spam” button to the Leads page.
  3. Webroot: We made some updates to the Webroot migration flow, allowing you to change your mind if needed (before the transfer request is in) and make it easier for us to support you through the migration.
  4. Tickets: We’ve added a confirmation to the Ticket Worksheet delete button.
  5. Contracts: We now allow currencies outside of USD and non-entirely numerical currencies to sort properly within the Estimated Values column of the Contacts table. For example: €12.246,00/month.
  6. Invoices: You can now sort the Invoices table by Customer name alphabetically!

Bug Fixes:

  1. The TeamViewer button will now be hidden when the settings in the app card are cleared.
  2. We have adjusted the Scripts edit page to show previous results in a scrollable window as opposed to displaying them all at once.
  3. Syncro Assets with Popup type custom fields will now properly alert.
  4. Bulk Alert resolution will now respect search params properly.
  5. We fixed an issue with the sort on Contract Values so the column now sorts appropriately 🙂
  6. The run history widget on Script edit has been moved to an asynchronous load, as it can be slow in some cases.
  7. The ‘Assigned Contract’ section of Ticket Workflows works properly now.
  8. Fixed a bug where Emsisoft installs would show conflicting information on different tabs.
  9. Vulnerable Systems and Vulnerable Patches Reports will now properly attach the PDF when set as scheduled reports.
  10. Fixed an issue with importing Tax Rates from QuickBooks Online when the names were unusually long.
  11. Now Tickets created via the Customer Portal will respect your due date settings.
  12. Fixed the format for Denmark’s currency.
  13. We fixed an issue with the automatic setup step of the Huntress integration.
  14. We fixed a small bug when viewing Assets with Alerts or Assets without AV where prior filtering by Customers wasn’t respected, now those Customers are fully respected.
  15. Windows should always install Webroot if it is not installed on the Syncro Asset for migrated Webroot accounts.
  16. RMM installer names should match the Policy name in all cases now.
  17. We fixed sorting Estimates by Customer. Reminder: sorting by Customer is done by “business_name, last_name, first_name” which may not be obvious from the text rendered in that column.
  18. We fixed a bug with the default sort on Leads list page, it should now sort by creation date like before.
  19. P&L reports will no longer error when you have many Invoices and request a long timeframe for the report.
  20. “SMS” and “Email+SMS” will now only be available as an option on Ticket Comments if the Ticket’s Customer has a phone number saved.
  21. Fixed the column headers for the Reminders widget on the home page.
  22. We fixed a bug with missing RMM Alert descriptions for Syncro Alerts. You should now see those 🙂
Stay tuned for more good stuff soon!





The Syncro Team