Hey Syncro users,

Well, Syncro has been in Open Beta for about a month, and we need to start by sending many thanks to everyone who has provided feedback and ideas over that time. High fives all around!

Since we announced our Open Beta, we’ve had our tentacles in a ton of projects and been furiously working on new features, including Custom Scripting, Policies, and most recently our integration with QuickBooks.

Thanks to you, Syncro has major momentum and today we’re excited to announce that Syncro is launching out of Open Beta!

Along with today’s launch, we’re excited to announce a couple of huge updates to Syncro:

  • Syncro Live: Remotely access customer’s machines and solve problems faster with Syncro’s built-in remote session tool. Since Syncro Live is seamlessly embedded into the rest of the platform, you’re never more than a click or two away from Remote access.

Syncro Live
Syncro Live is now available

  • Recurring Scripts: We’re big fans of automation, and Recurring Scripts checks that box in a big way. This feature lets you schedule scripts to deploy at certain times, with an ongoing frequency, so you’re deploying checks on your assets without lifting a finger. Like all Scripting in Syncro, you can set it to pass along an Alert into Syncro’s RMM depending on results of the script.

Recurring Scripting

  • System Checks: This new RMM feature lets you monitor the online/offline status of various network devices on a network of a customer you’re tracking. Setup System Checks within a Device in Syncro’s RMM. Available with Ping Checks and Web Server Checks.

System Checks

We want you all to experience the latest and greatest version of Syncro, so if you’re a current Syncro user, we’re extending your Free Trial for another 30 days until Wednesday 12/13 (through Black Friday and Cyber Monday, hint hint..) Before your trial ends, we hope you like what you see and choose to upgrade to a paid Syncro account to continue using the platform. You can find our pricing details here: https://syncromsp.com/pricing/

As always, new Syncro accounts will automatically receive a zero-risk Free Trial for 30 days when you sign up.

Just because we’re out of Open Beta doesn’t mean the building stops. Quite the opposite actually. We still have an aggressive roadmap of features that we’ll be tackling in the coming weeks and months. As we move forward, your feedback will continue to be super important to us, so keep it coming!

Until next time,
The Syncro team