Hey Syncro Users,

Today we’re sharing quite a few updates, highlighting the larger items we’ve recently shared with you, as well as a whole bunch of new enhancements and bug fixes we’ve accomplished over the last couple of months.


    1. Tickets: You can now customize which columns appear in the Tickets table, as well as the order in which they appear. We also released a new option that allows you to see the time worked on Tickets.
    2. Tickets: You can now have Tickets automatically split if a client replies to an older Ticket stating a new issue they’re experiencing.
    3. Tickets: Ticket Automations can now send SMS messages!
    4. Policies: We’ve added an option to change the “Low Hard Drive Space” alert threshold at both a Policy and an individual Asset level.
    5. Help Center: You can now access Help Center articles and submit a ticket to support more easily using the new Help Widget.
    6. Customer Portal: You can now disable your client’s ability to pay Invoices via their Customer Portal.
    7. Estimates/Invoices: You can now give Invoices and Estimates a specific name of your choosing.
    8. RMM Alerts: We added an option to automatically resolve “Agent Offline” and a few other default triggers.
    9. Ticket Timers: You can now view a list of all active Ticket Timers running in your account.
    10. Reports: We’ve added a new Report to help you view which Assets have Policy Overrides! Look for the new entry “Asset Overrides Report” on the Reports page.
    11. Mobile Apps: We’ve made some serious upgrades to our Syncro Mobile Apps, such as adding Scripts and Offline/Online indicators!
    12. Invoices: You can now have Product prices automatically update in Recurring Invoice templates if you change the price of a Product in your Inventory.
    13. SMS Messaging: You can now send longer SMS messages from your account!
    14. Huntress Labs: We added an integration with Huntress Labs.
    15. Uninstall Code: The uninstall code has moved from an account-level setting to a Policy-level setting, allowing you to set a particular uninstall code for a set of Assets, as well as disable the uninstall code altogether via a Policy.
    16. Security Groups: We’re continuing to improve our Security Group implementation so that the Security Settings are more intuitive. With our latest release, Asset creation must now be individually specified just like Ticket and Invoice creation.
    17. Scripting: When an error runs on a Script, there will now be a red badge that appears next to it instead of red text.
    18. Scripting: We changed the button from “view details” to “script output” within the Script History tab on your Syncro Assets.
    19. Scripting: You can now view Reboot Script runs in your Script history.
    20. Policies: You can now pass commands with arguments through the system tray!
    21. Worldpay: Payment profile reauthorization will now only keep the most recent failed notice when trying to re-auth a profile.
    22. CloudBerry: We’ve added a link on the CloudBerry app card for Image-Based licenses.
    23. RMM Alerts: These are now sorted chronologically with newest alerts on top. We also added a new column to the Assets & RMM list for alerts, so you can see how many alerts are open for each Asset easily.
    24. POS: Registers that have gone too long without closing can now be handled properly within the POS module.
    25. Emsisoft MAV: We’ve lowered per-endpoint pricing with Emsisoft Managed Antivirus! Check your account for more details.
    26. Search all the Things: We added Help Center articles to search results!
    27. Subscriptions: Added a confirmation page when switching between Syncro plans.
    28. Bug Fix: Fixed an issue with saving ScreenConnect Instance IDs.
    29. Bug Fix: Fixed an issue where ScreenConnect and Authorize integration fields would save data improperly.
    30. Bug Fix: We fixed a bug happening when trying to edit or create a new Ticket Automation or Automated Remediation, which was preventing users from being able to save their changes.
    31. Bug Fix: We fixed the sorting by “Installed On” for the “Installed Apps” table on Firefox.
    32. Bug Fix: Fixed the up/down sort arrows on the “Installed Apps” table to match the rest of the app.
    33. Bug Fix: We fixed the Automated Remediation triggers for “CPU Usage Alarm” and “Memory Usage Alarm”. You will need to re-configure the triggers for this to kick in by selecting the appropriate category from the dropdown so it says “CPU Monitoring” or “RAM Monitoring” (instead of cpu_monitoring or ram_monitoring).
    34. Bug Fix: Contact custom fields no longer appear to apply to all Contacts when updated.
    35. Bug Fix: Custom Ticket type custom fields requirement is now visually apparent if enabled.
    36. Bug Fix: Required fields when creating a new customer now display the appropriate (*) symbol.
    37. Bug Fix: Fixed an issue with Zapier creating Tickets by mistake.
    38. Bug Fix: Fixed a timeout issue that happened when trying to generate Reports with many Customers and Assets.
    39. Bug Fix: Fixed an issue where parsing leads for phone numbers was parsing leads for email address first.
    40. Bug Fix: Added search options for missing MAV (for emsisoft and bitdefender) to the saved asset searches.