Small improvements and updates:

  1. Low HDD space checks now work with all drives (not c: drive only).
  2. “Offline” text or icon hover within an Asset now show last sync time and how many days since the last check-in.
  3. New Lead actions – “Mark as Spam” and “Delete” – on the /convert page.
  4. Mailer now only sends to clients with a valid Invoice within the last 13 months. New best practices in Help Center article here.
  5. New setting within Portal User Permissions to show all/filter Ticket statuses.
  6. You can now filter by Customer on the Pending Ticket Charges report!
  7. “View All” link on the Assets page has been renamed to “System Specs” for System Info.
  8. Syncro Live displays a better error message when an unsupported version of Powershell is encountered.
  9. Greatly improved the information accuracy and clarity of system info on the Asset Details page.
  10. Added a new RMM setting for the Asset name to automatically update to the computer name of a device.
  11. Add Stored Payment (stored credit card) status to Recurring Invoice page.
  12. Invoice numbers now clickable on the Reconciliation Report!
  13. SMS option now hidden if there is no mobile phone number on the Customer profile.
  14. More items on the Dashboard page are clickable!
  15. Renamed the “Customers” drop-down within Reports to be “Saved Customer Search.”
  16. Bulk delete button within the Tickets module now says “Delete Selected” instead of “Delete All.”
  17. Syncro is now available in Bulgaria!

Bug Fixes:

  1. Ticket Charges interface now matches darkmode styling when using darkmode.
  2. Fixed an issue where devices would reboot after installing updates, despite settings in Patch Policies indicating they shouldn’t.
  3. Asset custom fields within Automated Remediation now save properly.
  4. Fixed Assets issue where the “Customer” filter was ignored if followed by “Computers without AV” or “Computers with Alerts” filter.
  5. Fixed issue with Asset info section displaying time in the incorrect format.
  6. Appointment emails no longer send duplicates to Customers.
  7. Estimates can now send to a Customer Contact if the main Customer doesn’t have an email address.
  8. Syncro Live Process Manager page no longer reports incorrect values for CPU/RAM usage.
  9. The notification rule for creating a New Contact is now working correctly.
  10. Stock Takes in Syncro are now updating properly in QuickBooks.
  11. Updated “View All” button for Products listed on the Product Details page.
  12. Confirmation “Script favorites successfully updated” won’t show if the script is not a favorite.
  13. Ticket Workflows now properly save due dates.
  14. Tickets “Opened Today” on the dashboard no longer calculate the start date in GMT instead of the account’s timezone.
  15. Windows Updates no longer install updates if no categories are selected.
  16. Uninstalling a device will now properly revert the Windows Updates registry.
  17. We fixed an issue where unformatted HDDs were preventing devices from completing their first sync.
  18. The “Network Adapters IPv4/IPv6” values now populate in the Asset table if enabled.
  19. Screenshot thumbnail shown on Asset Quick View modal now updates even when the device is logged in as a non-admin.
  20. The Syncro Agent now properly detects Trend Micro’s deep security agent as installed antivirus.
  21. The API Invoices section now supports “date” and “customer_id” filters.
  22. Now the Asset Saved Search for “Hasn’t Checked in for days” displays results when the criteria is met.
  23. Appointment Reminders no longer go out at the wrong time/duplicate.
  24. Now Sunday Appointments show properly in the Calendar!
  25. Now Appointments created via Tickets display properly under the Appointment section on a Customer Details page.
  26. We fixed an issue where users were unable to select the date field in a Customer Contact.
  27. We fixed an issue where the Customer Detail Google Maps link didn’t include a ZIP code.
  28. We fixed an issue where the address lookup wasn’t populating all of the appropriate address fields.
  29. We fixed an issue where the system would only send an email to the Invoice CC contact if the “default” Customer was selected.
  30. We fixed an issue where some users were not receiving the “Potentially already-picked-up Tickets still open” emails.
  31. We fixed an issue where the Appointment reminder email was not being sent to the assigned Customer Contact and was instead being sent to the main account Contact.
  32. We fixed an issue where “Ticket is Due Tomorrow” emails were not being sent.
  33. We fixed an issue where it was not possible to delete the last email domain listed in your account. You can now delete all domains, save your changes, and they will be correctly cleared.
  34. We fixed an issue where the “Email to Vendor” button on Purchase Orders was using the Syncro account email address instead of the Ticket Reply email address.
  35. Invoice emails triggered using the “Bulk Actions” section of the Invoice table now properly send to the assigned Contact rather than sending an internal email.
  36. You now have the ability to remove the “Tax Reason” on Estimates.
  37. We fixed an issue where filters for large CSV Inventory exports would only show “in stock” rather than “all.”
  38. We fixed an issue where users couldn’t delete Customer phone numbers by deleting data from imported CSV files. This should now work properly!
  39. We fixed an issue where if a plan was deleted from CloudBerry, it would still show up in Syncro.
  40. We fixed a bug where Recurring Invoices were still being generated after a Contracts end date had been met.
  41. We fixed an issue where bundled items weren’t showing up within a Ticket Details page when added to a separate Invoice from the Ticket Charges.
  42. We fixed an issue where Recurring Invoices were not respecting the Contract override price if the setting “Keep prices in sync with products if they change” was enabled.
  43. Now Invoices marked as paid from split payments can still be edited (i.e. name change, change payment date, etc.).
  44. We fixed an issue where duplicate Leads were being created from inbound emails.
  45. We fixed an issue where certain users were not able to read inbound SMS message within the Leads module.
  46. We fixed an issue where currencies in India were not showing up properly in the POS.
  47. We fixed an issue where Emsisoft MAV was uploading scans late, yet all scans were reported at the same time within Syncro.
  48. We fixed an issue where the payment process still continued even if the signature was not completed.
  49. We added a setting where users can specify whether they require the Customer to sign-in in order to take a payment.
  50. We adjusted the Customer Portal login for email addresses to no longer be case-sensitive.
  51. We fixed an issue where the “Pay Now” button next to Invoices within the Customer Portal was not showing up in certain instances.
  52. We fixed an issue where the Customer Portal Ticket “Status Is” filter was not accessible via mobile web browsers.
  53. Deleting a Purchase Order will now properly release Product instances rather than showing them as still on order.
  54. We fixed an issue where items within a declined Estimate were put back into Inventory, but then were not re-reserved when the decline was undone or the Estimate was approved.
  55. We fixed an issue where a user’s name was not automatically attached to the Invoice line item when they would create a Part Order.
  56. We fixed an issue where Inventory was not being removed from an Estimate when the “Decline estimate older than 30 days” button was pushed.
  57. We fixed an issue where an Invoice with bundled line items containing more than 1 serialed quantity would still be able to be paid even with only one serial number selected.
  58. We fixed an issue where Part Orders were detaching from the original Ticket if the Ticket was resolved and were unable to be reattached.
  59. We fixed an issue where the full vendor name was being added to a Purchase Order instead of only the initials.
  60. We fixed an issue within Stock Takes where a non-updated variance was counted as a loss on the final report.
  61. We fixed an issue where QuickBooks Online payments were not syncing properly to Syncro.
  62. We fixed an issue within the Sales Tax Report where users couldn’t expand the “Non-Taxable Line Items” section to see a specific tax rate.
  63. We fixed an issue where the Tech Hours Report was showing incorrect Labor Log entry dates for the custom date range chosen.
  64. We fixed an issue where incorrect dates were being used in the Product Sales Report.
  65. We fixed an issue where occasionally scheduled scripts would not appear in the action queue and would fail to run.
  66. We fixed an issue where Environmental Variables for Script Required Files were occasionally not working properly.
  67. We fixed an issue where Powershell scripting with the $ inside a string was being treated as an end-of-line character (i.e. “wea$el” was becoming “wea” upon script execution).
  68. We fixed an issue where scheduled Scripts were not running according to the time set.
  69. We fixed an issue where Ticket Custom Fields were not updating using the “Update-Syncro-Ticket” option within the Scripting module.
  70. We fixed an issue where Contracts and SLAs were not attaching to a Ticket created from a PowerShell Script.
  71. We fixed a typo in a variable in the Malwarebytes Install Script.
  72. We fixed an error where toggling a default Ticket Saved Search to “all” would still search within only the saved search even after refreshing the page.
  73. We fixed an issue where Customer search was not showing all results.
  74. We fixed an issue where editing a Ticket saved search and clicking “Make Default” was not making the new saved search the default.
  75. We fixed an issue where only 20 Assets were visible when adding an Asset to a new Ticket. Now all available Assets will be shown.
  76. We fixed an issue where if an Appointment was created without a Ticket number, the “Non-Ticket Appointment Template” would not process and the HTML email wrapper would not send.
  77. We fixed an issue where the “{{ticket_subject}}” tag was visible in emails when no Ticket number was available.
  78. We fixed an issue where the “{{invoice_line_items_table_no_tax}}” tag was not removing tax lines from the line item table in templates.
  79. Ticket Worksheet Progress percentages will now properly update if you remove steps from the worksheet.
  80. We fixed an issue where if a Ticket with a recurring schedule is deleted, it can no longer be seen or managed in “/ticket_schedules.”
  81. We fixed an issue where, when using the custom fields for Intake/Outtake form disclaimers, both the Intake and Outtake forms were showing the Intake form disclaimer only.
  82. We fixed an issue where the Ticket table “Contract” column was showing Tickets assigned to Contracts that didn’t actually have a Contract attached.
  83. We fixed an issue within Ticket receipts where the phone number wasn’t showing on the receipt unless the “Include customer email” setting was enabled.
  84. We fixed an issue where the due date for a Ticket was appearing in a USA date format regardless of the account’s location.
  85. We fixed an issue where “Select all” was not working when Tickets were in groups.
  86. We fixed an issue where editing a Ticket’s created or due date would show 0:00 and the current date, rather than the value being edited.
  87. We fixed an issue where the Labor Log was defaulting to AM instead of PM when submitting charges after 11:00 AM.
  88. The “Select All” checkbox within the Leads table now shows the “Bulk Options” button.
  89. We now auto-fill the Reference Number of a related payment when processing a Refund.
  90. We fixed an issue where 1 month term warranties were showing as expired before the expiration date had been reached.
  91. The image URL button was broken on the edit screen of Wiki Documentation. Now it is working 🙂
  92. We fixed an issue where users couldn’t save a Windows Updates Patch Policy to run on the last weekday of a month (like last Friday).
  93. We fixed an issue where Xero Bills were not pulling the Product description from Syncro.