Hey Syncro Users,

Here’s a list of miscellaneous items we’ve released over the last few weeks. You may have heard about some of these already via a more in-depth blog post. Enjoy!

  1. Emsisoft MAV (more on the items below here):
    • We now support Emsisoft Managed Antivirus on Windows Servers!
    • We added a button to view scan logs.
    • We’ve adjusted our integration to remove information from the client-side license screen and adjust the timing of license notifications:
      • Here’s an example of what the new screen looks like, after our updates:
      • Here’s an example of what the license screen previously looked like from your client’s point of view:
  2. Customer Detail Report: We added a PDF button to the Customer Detail Report. More info here.
  3. Calendar Preferences: We added the ability to save your preferred Calendar view as a default, so you no longer have to toggle to your preferred time frame each time you open your Syncro Calendar. More info here.
  4. RMM/Scripts:
    • Now you can set the maximum time a script can run before we’ll kill it. This helps so a script can’t get stuck forever. More info here.
    • Assets: We improved the way RMM Triggers are displayed.
    • RMM System Checks Form: Added validation to System Checks edit form to make it more clear that all fields are required.
  5. Zapier integration: We made some major enhancements to our Zapier (beta) integration! You can now find and update Tickets with a simple Zap. To find out more, click the Zapier card in the Syncro App Center.
  6. Customer Portal: We’ve added links to the Customer Portal so that Customers can see which Estimates & Tickets are associated with each other, and easily move between them.
  7. Payment Search: Payment sync searching has been updated. Now the search results will reflect the sync status of the payment applications. If a payment has applications that failed to sync and applications that synced properly, the payment will show up whether you search for synced or not synced.
  8. Ticket Charges: You can now hover over the total in the Ticket Charges area to see the profit margins.
  9. Daily Invoices Report: For users outside the US, we’ve updated the column header on the Daily Invoices Report to show that cost is assumed to be tax-inclusive.
  10. Parts Order: You can now select a Vendor for a Parts Order, just like you can for Purchase Orders.
  11. Appointments received numerous small enhancements: Added links to different views on appointment list/calendar pages, added Location Type to the edit page, fixed up detail page a bit (organizing), added creator to detail/edit page.
  12. Appointment Booking: Now you can set the desired “buffer time” before the first appointment can be booked from 0 to X minutes “from now.”
  13. Reports: Moved import results link to top out of customers sub-section.
  14. Leads/Inbound Emails Phone Number Matching: Made this a setting and don’t parse when a user forwards the email (like expense report).
  15. API: Now you can add/delete photos from products.
  16. Mobile Apps: Now you can barcode scan to add Estimate line items.
  17. Import: Business Name now counts as one of the important fields we use to detect if an import has legit data.
  18. Ticket Sort: We updated the Ticket sort-by-customer to an alphabetical sort by customer display name – no more seemingly random customer sort!
  19. New Locale: Vanuatu, welcome!
  20. Bug Fix: We changed “Close Ticket” to “Resolve Ticket” on the Handle Related Payment page to reduce confusion.
  21. Bug Fix: Bi-weekly schedules should run every other week now. Wording updated to match.