Hey Syncro Users,

Happy Tuesday!

One of the main Scripting requests we’ve received from the community is the ability to pull in Script Variables, similar to the way template tags work in PDF templates, emails, etc.

We’re happy to share that this functionality is now available in Syncro!

This new addition makes Scripting in Syncro far more powerful, as you can now have your Scripts pull in virtually anything from your Asset and Customer records, and dynamically utilize this information each time a Script runs. Just imagine the possibilities here 🙂

There are two Variable types you can use in order to auto-populate specific information within a Script each time it runs:

  1. Runtime: Manually enter a value each time the Script runs.
  2. Platform: Pull in Customer, Asset, Account, and Custom Field tags from within your Syncro account.

Here are some useful examples of what’s now possible with the addition of Script Variables:

  1. Install software on an Asset that requires a specific serial number.
  2. Monitor something for “x” amount of time.
  3. Create a Windows MsgBox popup containing a time that you’ll remote into a client’s device, and prompting the tech for the “Time” before running.
  4. Launch any exe that takes command line variables.
  5. Run Scripts based on any custom threshold on custom variable (i.e. if “XYZ” piece of software is installed, then run “XYZ” Script).
  6. Use in simple Scripts like downloading and running a file. $URL, $FileSavePath

For more details on how to use Script Variables within existing or new Scripts, and to read through a few important notes on this addition to Scripting, please review our Help Center article.

We look forward to hearing about the power this brings to your Syncro setup. Let us know by sharing in the Syncro Users Group here.

The Syncro Team