Hey everyone,

We hope you’re gearing up for a nice weekend. Here are a couple of small, but valuable updates to kick it off!

  1. If you’re using Syncro’s automatic Ticket creation feature within the Mailbox module, you’ll notice that now if a client emails you and CC’s another person on the email, the CC’d person will automatically appear as a CC on the Ticket that’s created. Additionally, if a client replies to your Ticket communication and CC’s someone on their reply, that person will also be automatically added as a CC on the Ticket from the inbound response. For more information, view our Help Center article here.
  2. We have increased the resolution limit of logo images that appear on PDF templates! To see this update in action, simply head over to any one of your Template previews within the Admin center of your account.

NOTE: This update should be automatically implemented on your account currently, without the need for you to do anything. However, there are some circumstances where users have manually made changes to the logo size in the HTML of the templates. If you are not seeing any changes in your account, please open the PDF template, click “Source” and change the logo image by adding “max-width:200px” to the logo HTML.

As always, feel free to write into support at help@syncromsp.com if you have any questions!

The Syncro Team