Hey all,

Over the last few weeks, we’ve highlighted the releases of one of the most useful features available within your Syncro account: the Quick View Modal.

This feature (available within Assets, Tickets, Customers, and now, Invoices & Estimates) allows you to:

  1. View pertinent information about an Asset, Customer, Ticket, Invoice or Estimate
  2. Make edits to this data from directly within the modal
  3. View recent activity about an Asset, Customer, Ticket, Invoice or Estimate
  4. Perform various actions from directly within the modal, such as converting an Estimate to an Invoice
  5. Avoid having to navigate away from the page you’re on in order to accomplish certain tasks

How to Access the Quick View Modal within Invoices and/or Estimates

Head over to the Invoice or Estimates module within your Syncro account, and hover over a row within the Invoice or Estimates table. As you hover, you will notice a magnifying glass icon appear next to the Invoice or Estimate number and, when clicked, the Quick View Modal will appear.

Invoice Quick View Modal:

Estimate Quick View Modal:

To make this feature even more useful, we have added the Quick View Modal to various areas within each of the modules stated above, where other modules are cross-referenced. For example, if you’ve created an Invoice from an Estimate, the Invoice is then linked within the Estimate Details section. The Quick View Modal icon for said Invoice will now appear here as well!

To find out more about using the Quick View Modal, view our Invoice and Estimate Help Center articles. Please let us know what you think by emailing help@syncromsp.com. Enjoy!

The Syncro Team