Hey all,

Happy Wednesday!

Today we’re excited to share a new Beta integration with one of our valued partners: IT Glue.

This award-winning, SOC 2-compliant documentation management platform allows you to find, track and know everything about your client data. Learn more here.

With this integration, your IT Glue Organizations and Configurations will be mapped with Syncro Customers and Assets, so information is synced to your IT Glue account as Assets are updated in Syncro.

Here’s what this integration will sync to IT Glue:

  1. Automatically syncs a new Asset in Syncro to your IT Glue account.
  2. Syncs Asset Name and properties from Syncro to IT Glue.
  3. Marks an IT Glue Configuration as “inactive” if you delete an Asset from Syncro.
  4. Adds a link on the Asset’s Overview page in Syncro to view the mapped Asset in IT Glue.

Please note that this integration only works with Syncro Devices, not manual Assets.

Integrating your Syncro account with IT Glue is as simple as…

1. Logging into your Syncro account, prepped with the customized API key you created in your IT Glue account.

2. Clicking on the “IT Glue” card within the Syncro App Center.

3. Following the prompts to configure the integration!

4. After your Assets have been mapped and synced with IT Glue, you will notice a new link within the Overview section on the Asset Details page. Click this link in order to view the Configuration (Asset) in your IT Glue account.

View our Help Center article here for more detailed information on how to set up and use the integration. As always, feel free to contact us with any questions by emailing help@syncromsp.com.


The Syncro Team