Hey Syncro Users,

Today’s the day – our ScreenConnect and TeamViewer integration is now live.

These two platforms allow you to remote into Assets with ease (now from directly within your Syncro account!).

For a detailed breakdown of how to enable and use these two integrations, please review our ScreenConnect Help Center article here and our TeamViewer article here.

Here’s a quick summary of what’s possible with these newly added integrations:

  1. Manage the installation of the platform using an Asset RMM Policy.
  2. One-click access to remote into the Asset with ScreenConnect or TeamViewer installed.
  3. Show history of remote connection attempts.

To enable either one of these integrations, simply navigate to the Syncro App Center with your existing ScreenConnect URL and Instance ID or TeamViewer Configuration ID and API Token.

Next, head over to an Asset RMM Policy in order to set up an automatic install of ScreenConnect or TeamViewer on Assets assigned to the Policy(ies) of your choosing. Upon the next Asset sync, you’ll be able to start a remote session via the Quick View Modal for the Asset:

That’s all there is to it!

Here’s a quick look at using the ScreenConnect integration to remote into an Asset from Syncro:


Here’s a quick look at using the TeamViewer integration to remote into an Asset from Syncro:

Please note that you must have a Corporate tier account in TeamViewer in order to take advantage of this integration. You must also be on the MSP or Advanced Syncro plan in order to access these integrations.

We hope you enjoy this release, and please let us know if you have any questions by emailing help@syncromsp.com

The Syncro Team