Hey all,

One of the key questions we ask ourselves when trying to build a more robust platform for you to manage your business is, “How can we provide more automation to our users?” And that’s exactly what today’s post is all about!

We’ve made some significant improvements to what you can monitor via Syncro, which in turn has made Automated Remediation much more powerful.

Let’s take a look at what types of things you can now automate…

With the release of CPU & RAM Monitoring, you can now monitor CPU and Memory usage over a period of time of your choosing via Policies, and easily create RMM alerts based on an Asset’s usage.

Additionally, with the release of Event Log Policies, you can now monitor specific Windows Events, and apply them to a Syncro Asset Policy in order to monitor and receive RMM alerts.

Using Automated Remediation with these new additions takes things to a whole new level.

Here are some examples of what you can now do:

  1. Monitor CPU usage to alert you when it’s over 90% for 15 minutes, and set up an Automated Remediation that kills unnecessary processes that are causing the over-usage.
  2. Monitor the Event Log for too many login attempts, and have this trigger an Automated Remediation that emails your client asking them to call you in order to figure out what is going on.
  3. Create a custom Event Log Policy to detect when your backup solution is not running, and set up an Automated Remediation to then run a script to start the backup service.

In addition to more dynamic Automated Remediation options, we have also improved the user experience within this tool by now listing all RMM Alerts that you’ve set up, either from Custom Scripts or from your Event Log Policies. So, you no longer need to manually type in the full name of an Alert or Event Log Policy in order to use it in Automated Remediation.

To learn more about Automated Remediation, view our Help Center article here.

We hope this makes automating tasks quicker and easier, and look forward to hearing what you think! Please send any feedback to help@syncromsp.com

Happy automating,
The Syncro Team