Hey everyone,

We’re ending the week with an update aimed to save you clicks and make life a little easier while navigating the Syncro waters.

A few weeks ago, we announced Quick View modal updates within the Assets & RMM module. As a reminder, the Quick View modal allows you to do things like view important information about an Asset, and complete a variety of tasks on-the-fly from directly within this popup area, instead of having to open a particular Syncro module to complete an action.

With today’s update, we’re taking things one step further by providing this same functionality throughout two additional modules in your Syncro account: Customers & Tickets. Furthermore, we’ve updated the software to include Quick View modal access throughout all areas where Customers and Tickets are referenced, such as the Invoices module.

How to Access the Quick View Modal

Simply navigate to the Customers module and hover over a Customer listing within the table. A magnifying glass icon will appears next to the Customer’s name and, when clicked, the Quick View modal will appear, giving you the ability to:

  1. View pertinent Customer information
  2. Make edits to Customer information
  3. View recent activity
  4. Perform various actions on-the-fly, such as printing

Quick View Modal in Customers

A quick run-down of this feature as it appears in the Customers module is explained here.

We hope this helps you more quickly and easily accomplish tasks in your Syncro account.

The Syncro Team