Hey Syncro users,

Happy Wednesday!

Today we’re excited to share some of the drastic improvements we’ve made to Syncro Live over the last several weeks, including:

  • Direct connection capability within Remote Access to improve connection speed and stability
  • The addition of an FPS Counter to help with debugging
  • File download functionality
  • Lots of other bug bashing and performance improvements

First, let’s dive into what we mean by “Direct connection capability has been added to Remote Access”…

To put it simply, Syncro Live’s Remote Access tool now utilizes a “Direct” or a “Relayed” connection, depending on how your network is set up. Prior to this update, only a Relayed connection was available in Syncro Live.

What’s the difference between these two?

  • Relayed = Uses our servers as a Relay (middle-man) between your computer and the computer you’re trying to remote into. This is what we’ve used since we launched Syncro Live, and it’s now used as a fallback if a Direct connection isn’t available. Information has to travel a lot farther, so although it is usable, it tends to be slower.
  • Direct = A new network connection type that greatly improves speed and connectivity because it is peer-to-peer, meaning your computer connects directly to the computer you’re trying to remote into, without using our servers as a relay. This dramatically cuts down the amount of time it takes for information to travel, therefore it is faster and more reliable.

To note which connection you’re using in a given remote session, reference the top-right corner of the Remote Desktop page:


Relayed Connection


Direct connection

Note: It’s not possible to choose between using a Direct vs Relayed connection, as this is solely dependent on how your particular network is set up. Syncro Live always defaults to Direct if it’s available. The actual tech here is WebRTC and it’s known to not work with some firewall types, as well as some double NAT situations.

FPS Counter

We’ve added an FPS Counter to Syncro Live’s Remote Access tool!

FPS Counter

This counter is highly useful when debugging or diagnosing device issues, as it tells you the number of frames per second to help you determine how good or bad the connection is.

Note: If there is no activity on your end or on the user’s side (i.e. there is no movement on the screen), your FPS will be at zero. If activity starts again, the FPS Counter will adjust to reflect this. The FPS counter is actually counting how many frames it’s receiving, so a low motion scenario will generate an artificially low FPS.

File Download Functionality

This one is pretty self explanatory, so we’ll summarize a bit :

1. After logging into your Syncro account and opening up the “Assets & RMM” module, pick a device that’s online.

2. Click on the “Remote Access” button in the top-right corner of the Asset Detail page.

Device Online

3. From the Syncro Live page, click on the File System tab and choose the folder containing the file you’d like to download.

File System

4. Select the file and click on the “Download” button that appears.

Download file

5. You will then be prompted to choose the file destination on your device!

Note: As of now you may only download one file at a time. We plan to have mass file and folder download capability in the future.

Bug Bashing & Performance Improvements

We’ve fixed a variety of bugs, such as:

  • Improved the responsiveness of mouse clicks within remote sessions. Previously, there was a delay which cause mouse clicks to occur in a different location than intended.
  • Worked on a variety of connection issues to improve the reliability of connecting on the first try.
  • Added reconnection capability so you will automatically be reconnected if a connection fails.
  • Fixed many issues that resulted in “Remote Host Not Found” errors.
  • Eliminated many performance bottlenecks throughout Syncro Live in order to dramatically improve speeds for both Relayed and Direct connections.

What’s Coming Up

We will continue to make improvements to Syncro Live based on feedback from our community of users. Here’s what is currently on deck:

  • Improving the mobile app experience
  • Support for Firefox
  • Copy/paste improvements

We hope you enjoy these updates, and look forward to hearing how Syncro Live is working for you!

Please do submit any feedback you have to help@syncromsp.com so that we may address it.

The Syncro Team