Hey all,

Happy Friday!

Today we’re sharing a small, but useful feature update to the Assets module in Syncro.

You can now merge duplicate Assets into one entry, similar to merging Customers and/or Tickets! This allows you to avoid bad data that includes duplicate entries, and save yourself the time-consuming work of having to manually merge two Assets together.

To merge two Assets, simply:

  1. Head to your Syncro account and open the Assets module.
  2. Click on the Asset you’d like to merge into another Asset (in other words, the one you are eliminating as a duplicate entry).
  3. Click on the “Actions” menu in the upper right-hand corner of the Asset’s detail page and select “Merge.”
  4. Use the popup to select the “Final Asset” you’d like to keep in your account, and ensure that the “Asset to Remove” is the one you intended to merge into the Final Asset you’ve chosen.
  5. Click the green “Merge Assets” button to finalize the merge! You will see any pertinent information from the duplicate Asset now appear in the Asset Details for the Final Asset.

For more information on the Assets module, check out our Knowledge Base article here.

We hope you enjoy this time-saving feature, and look forward to bringing you more next week!

The Syncro Team