Hey Syncro users,

We’re about one week into Syncro’s Open Beta, and we want to start off by thanking you for all of the great ideas and feedback you’ve shared with us already! We thoroughly enjoy talking with you and we’re excited to continue working with you to make Syncro the best it can be.

We have an ambitious feature roadmap for Syncro, so we’re shipping updates regularly to make your feedback a reality. Please keep testing features and providing feedback!

That said, here’s a recap of features and updates we shipped during Week 1:

1) Custom Scripting, Scripting Samples, and Required Files are now available to test in Syncro’s Open Beta

Custom Scripting
Syncro features powerful Custom Scripting that allows you to create, edit, and run your own custom scripts. Custom Scripting lets you automate tasks so you can run practically any function on an individual Asset or group of Assets. Paired with our real-time communication that allows you to run scripts instantly, you’ll get the critical information you need at impressive speed.

Syncro Scripting lets you run Scripts:

  • As either a User or System, to give you ultimate Admin tooling over the networks you manage
  • Across Batch files, PowerShell, and VBScript formats
  • In-bulk across Customers or Assets
  • On-schedule at a specified date/time

Syncro Custom Scripting

Scripting Samples
But what if you aren’t an expert at Scripting or maybe you’re just a little rusty? Don’t fret! That’s why we built Scripting Samples for Syncro: a variety of pre-built Scripts that are ready for you to use. Scripting Samples will help you get things done faster.

Some Scripting Samples waiting for you in Syncro include:

  • PowerShell Script to alert you if a machine hasn’t been rebooted lately
  • PowerShell Script to forcefully restart the computer
  • PowerShell Script to enable RDP and allow it through the firewall

Syncro Scripting Samples

‘Required Files’ Functionality in Scripting
But wait, there’s more! 🙂 We’re also excited to introduce Required Files functionality in Scripting. This feature lets you require any file you might need for your Script. Syncro will download the files to the destination you specify and you can host as many required files as you want.

Syncro Required File in Custom Scripting

To get more information and see a step-by-step guide to Syncro Scripting, click here.

We’re looking forward to having you test Syncro’s Scripting and sharing your feedback with us!

2) Policies are now available to test in Syncro’s Open Beta
With Policies, you can easily apply preferences, customize upgrades, or change settings to Customers or Assets in-bulk to significantly streamline your workload.

We’ve included pre-built Policies to get you started – like Monitoring only and Monitoring + AV packages – but the options are endless. You can create and save an unlimited number of Policies to make meeting the needs of your customers even more efficient.

Syncro Policies
Click here to read our Knowledge Base article on creating Policies.

3) Embedded RMM UI Update
We’ve received tons of helpful feedback since Syncro’s Open Beta launch. One piece of feedback clearly stood out: Where’s the embedded RMM and how do I use it?

You may have heard or noticed that we updated the RMM UI to highlight the RMM more clearly. Syncro’s RMM is never more than one click away in the “Assets & RMM” tab.

Syncro Embedded RMM

To add Devices and get started, check out this step-by-step guide about Syncro’s RMM.

To test the new functionality, create a free Syncro account or login to your existing account.

Questions, comments or feedback? Drop us a line at help@syncromsp.com – we’d love to hear from you.

Until next time,

The Syncro Team