1. Automated Remediation: With the release of CPU & RAM Monitoring, as well as Event Log Monitoring, you now have more powerful and dynamic Automated Remediation options within your Syncro account. We’ve also improved the user experience by listing all RMM Alerts that you’ve set up, either from Custom Scripts or from your Event Log Policies. Learn more here.
  2. Warranty Master: We’ve integrated with Warranty Master! Learn more about how to take the guesswork out of managing warranties via our blog post here.
  3. ScreenConnect & TeamViewer: We released our integration with ScreenConnect & TeamViewer. Find out more here.
  4. IT Glue: The Beta version of our IT Glue integration is now available! Learn more here.
  5. Mailbox: We’ve updated the Ticket CC capabilities within automatic Ticket creation via Mailbox. Find out more here.
  6. PDF templates: No more low resolution logos in PDF Templates! Learn more here.
  7. Contacts: We’ve added Custom Field capabilities to Contacts. View these updates here.
  8. ACH Billing: You can now process ACH payments within your Syncro account using Element! Check it out here.
  9. Misc: We added more options to the “+” new action drop down menu
  10. Assets: You can now sort Assets by a few columns, such as “name.” More updates coming soon!
  11. Assets: We updated Asset filtering by Customer/Site and Type.
  12. Assets: We added a “Maintenance” mode to mute all alerts on an Asset for a specified amount of time (from 5 minutes to 7 days).
  13. Assets & RMM: Added “Updated” field to the list of fields shown.
  14. Reports: We added four new Reports to the Scheduled Reports feature. You can now select Daily Payments, Daily Invoices, Sales Tax Report, and Sales Detail to generate on a schedule.
  15. Reports: Customer Name and a link to the Customer now show on the MAV Billing report.
  16. Contacts: We added “Title” to Contacts.
  17. Contacts: We adjusted the way you view Contacts within a Customer to be a better user experience.
  18. Tickets: Newest Tickets now show at the top of the page by default!
  19. Tickets: You can now copy/paste files onto a Ticket to upload them as an attachment. Drag-and-dropping files works, too.
  20. Installer: We added a section to the installer download modal that shows you how to install via command line.
  21. Customer Portal: You can now redirect clients to another URL instead of the Customer Portal.
  22. Policies: We updated the UI on the Policy edit page, and resolved an issue with saving Third Party Patch Policies on Policies with Windows Updates disabled.
  23. Scripts: We added a new function to the scripting module to clear alerts.
  24. Autotask Importer: We’ve made improvements to the Autotask importer so data imported is more useful.
  25. Automated Remediation: Trigger Categories will now pull in custom RMM alert triggers defined in your scripts.
  26. Xero Beta: Improved integration to process requests quicker.
  27. Template tags: We added new template tags: {{contact_name}}, {{contact_firstname}}, {{contact_lastname}}, {{contact_id}}.
  28. Bug Fix: We fixed Google Cloud Print! Check it out.
  29. Bug Fix: Drag-and-Dropping any element on the page no longer displays the file dropper.
  30. Bug Fix: Resolved an issue with Estimate permissions that was causing redirects when deleting a line item.
  31. Bug Fix: The “All” filter now works on the Ticket index page even if you have a default filter set.
  32. Bug Fix: We updated the performance on how we display Assets on the Assets & RMM page so it loads faster.
  33. Bug Fix: We fixed the reminder time when creating a reminder.
  34. Bug Fix: Asset saved searches now properly allow custom field searching.
  35. Bug Fix: Creating a saved Asset search no longer creates two.
  36. Bug Fix: Fixed an odd case where Contact phone numbers appeared to be unable to be cleared on the edit page.
  37. Bug Fix: Fixed an issue where BSOD alerts were reporting event log changes and Microsoft Antimalware scan information.
  38. Bug Fix: Improved the RMM offline alert to trigger more accurately when an Asset is offline.