Hey Syncro Users,

Happy Friday!

Check out the summary below containing a list of recent feature launches and updates, as well as some smaller releases we think you’ll love. Enjoy!


    1. Event Log Policies: Event log monitoring is now available in Syncro! Learn how to customize what Syncro is monitoring based on specific Windows Event Logs of your choosing by reading this post.
    2. Quick View Modal: We have launched and added the Quick View Modal throughout various areas of the platform. Our latest additions include:
      1. Customers and Tickets: More info here.
      2. Invoices and Estimates: More info here.
      3. The RMM Alerts Page!
      4. Search all the Things
    3. Assets: You may now customize your Asset table columns to include only the information you find valuable. Check out this post for more info.
    4. CPU & RAM Usage Alerts: You now have access to CPU & RAM Usage Alerts within Policies! Read more here.
    5. Community Script Library: This powerful community tool is no longer in Beta! Here are some of our latest and greatest, most popular scripts. Be sure to learn more about this feature in our Help Center article here.
      • Product Keys: Get product keys and store them in a custom field called “Product Keys.”    
      • CCleaner-Cleanup: Download CCleaner if not already installed, and run a cleanup task.    
      • Fix Filesystem: Runs “sfc /scannow”, “dism.exe /online /cleanup-image /CheckHealth”, “dism.exe /online /cleanup-image /ScanHealth” and if any errors are found in those 3, it runs “dism.exe /online /cleanup-image /startcomponentcleanup” and “dism.exe /online /cleanup-image /restorehealth.
      • Get List of Installed Applications: Gathers a list of all installed applications. 
      • Speed-Test: This is based on https://github.com/zpeters/speedtest/releases and will run a command line internet speed test and save the value in the log and a custom field if you add one. Add an Asset Custom Field with the name “Internet Speed.”
      • Remove Bloatware Apps: Removes Windows 10 Bloatware such as People, Bing stuff, etc. (thanks Steven Grabowski!).
    6. Tickets: We added a realtime notification if the Ticket you are looking at has been updated.
    7. Tickets: We’ve added a variety of “quality of life” improvements to the Tickets module. These include:
      • Email address now attaches to Customer replies on Tickets, so you know who is responding to a Ticket Communication.
      • We’ve updated the “Additional CCs” field within the “Ticket Info” section of a Ticket to auto-populate email addresses as you begin typing them into the field.
      • A warning prompt will now appear when attempting to create a new Invoice from a Ticket that already has an open, unpaid Invoice attached to it. You can disable this in the Admin > Ticket Preferences > Advanced section of your account.
    8. Scribble Custom Field: We added a new custom field type to Customer, Asset or Ticket custom fields which provides a field for drawing whatever you’d like, similar to a signature custom field. This “scribble” is this saved within the Customer, Asset or Ticket for easy access.
    9. Contracts: You now have the ability to clone Contracts! This makes it easy to build a Contract template, and then clone it to use for other clients if you use a similar Contract more than once. More info here.
    10. Contracts: You can now blacklist Products on Contracts to prevent users from adding certain products to ticket charges for the Contract Customer.  This is especially helpful if a Customer is only billed a particular labor rate, as you can blacklist all labor rates besides you want to use for the Customer.
    11. Policies: We’ve updated the User Interface of the Edit/Create Policy page to be much more legible.
    12. Notifications: We added a notification setting for when Scripts fail.
    13. RMM: We can now autofill custom RMM Alerts from Powershell Scripts for Automated Remediation conditions.  Autofill results found from your scripts will begin with “Custom Script:” so you know which RMM Alerts you created.
    14. RMM: You can now mute RMM alerts from 1 hour to forever for a certain Asset or all Assets to help control how and when you want to be alerted.
    15. Bug Fix: Worksheet editing with many worksheet fields already present now works properly.
    16. Bug Fix: Saved Asset Search “hasn’t checked in for days” will no longer include non-Syncro Devices.
    17. Bug Fix: The “All” filter now works on the Tickets page, even if you have a default filter set.
    18. Bug Fix: Scheduled Scripts will run in your Syncro account’s time zone.