Hey everyone,

Check out what we’ve been working on lately!


  1. Ticket Timers: You can now run multiple Ticket Timers at once! Find out more here.
  2. Assets: You can now search for Assets with missing applications, installed applications, or specific versions of applications! In addition, you can get notifications when new software is added to an Asset. Check out more details here.
  3. Scripting: Scripting in Syncro became much more powerful, as you can now have your scripts pull in virtually anything from your Asset and Customer records using Script Variables. Dynamically utilize this information each time a script runs to do things like monitor something for “x” amount of time, or launch any exe that takes command line variables. Find out more in our blog post here.
  4. Scripting: You can now use platform and runtime variables in powershell scripts.
  5. Scripting: We added the “Syncro Internal: Reboot” and “Syncro Internal: Run Antivirus” scripts to the “Favorite Scripts” shortcut.
  6. Scripting: We added a search feature to the script run dropdown. Now, you can search all your scripts when scheduling them to run anywhere in Syncro.
  7. Assets: The Customer column now links to your Customers.
  8. Assets: Newest Tickets now show at the top of the page by default!
  9. Assets: The custom information about Assets is now entirely viewable from the Asset’s page.
  10. Invoices: Recurring Invoice line items now have the option to be added to an Invoice once. This is great if you’d like to bill your client for a one-time charge during the current billing period, such as a setup fee, but have this item automatically removed in future Invoices.  
  11. Invoices: We have added a new setting in Invoice Preferences to “Auto email receipt for Portal payment.” Now,  when a Customer makes a payment in the Customer Portal, you have the option to automatically email them a PDF of their payment receipt.  
  12. Tickets: “Quick Resolve” for Tickets under the actions dropdown menu allows you to quickly resolve a Ticket and return to the Ticket list!
  13. Tickets: When selecting a Ticket from a dropdown, you can now see a truncated Ticket subject to help you quickly identify the Ticket you want to choose.
  14. Ticket Timers: You can now edit the default description of Ticket Timer Labor Charges! There is a new setting in Ticket preferences that allows you to set the default Ticket charge description, and accepts Ticket template tags.

  15. Template Tags: We’ve added new Ticket template tags: {{ticket_timer_notes}} {{ticket_timer_tech}} {{ticket_timer_date_and_times}} {{ticket_timer_date}} {{ticket_timer_start_time}} {{ticket_timer_end_time}} {{ticket_timer_total_hours}} {{ticket_timer_total_minutes}} {{ticket_number}} {{ticket_subject}}.
  16. Autotask Importer: The Autotask importer has improved! It now applies the Ticket status, creator, assignee, closer, and last user to update the Ticket for all imported Tickets.
  17. Atera Importer: You can now import your basic Customer data from Atera. Contact support to get started at help@syncromsp.com.
  18. Quickbooks: We improved the sync times and improved request process for QuickBooks Online and Desktop.
  19. Caller ID Popup: When a call comes in prompting the caller id popup, it now will show a link to an open Ticket assigned to the Customer associated with the call’s phone number.
  20. Outlook: Appointment reminders now default to 60 minutes prior to the appointment instead of 15 minutes.
  21. Stripe: Stripe’s new API is higher security for PCI compliance.
  22. Zapier: We added “Contact-Created” to the notification center.
  23. Importing Customers from CSV: If you have multiple Customers who share the same phone number, you can now import them successfully! To do this, add a new column called “skip_phone_matching” in the Customer Import CSV and then put TRUE for each of the Customers who share the same phone number.
  24. Contacts: We’ve added a link to Google Maps for Contacts with a street address.
  25. Mobile Apps: Custom Ticket Workflows are now available within our Android and iOS apps! Check them out 🙂
  26. Ticket Communication: Ticket CC’s who belong to users of your Syncro account will now appear in bold, and display an icon to easily differentiate when an internal email address is CC’d vs an outside contact.
  27. User Interface: We updated the icons used throughout the app, and added some new ones for use within Customer custom fields! Check them out 🙂
  28. Misc: Hovering over an Appointment from Tickets and Customers now shows the owner in the tooltip.
  29. Bug fix: We fixed some errors when trying to create or edit scripts: some Customer and Contact fields were not showing up in some cases, and this has been fixed. We also made it so that your account will only retry running a script twice before failing, in order to prevent infinite looping scripts.
  30. Bug fix: Ticket subjects are back and much more legible.
  31. Bug fix: MAV billing report now includes a link to the Asset.