Hey Syncro users,

Today we’ve got a series of miscellaneous updates for you! Enjoy 🙂

Run Antivirus and Reboot

These two options now appear in the script “Favorites” drop-down menu! This means you can run these via the Quick View Modal and the Scripts tab within a Syncro Device Asset.

Scripts Favorite Button

We added a scripts Favorite button to the Asset’s Scripts tab.

Ticket Saved Search

Now, when you create a Ticket Saved Search, there are two new fields that allows you to include a “sort order” by column and by the direction.

Also in the Tickets module, if you sort by a particular column, Syncro will now remember the last column you sorted by and save this for the next time you log in!

Dashboard Page Toggle Full Screen

There is now an option to toggle the Dashboard page to full screen mode.

Asset Saved Search

We improved Asset Saved Search to make application tracking more robust. You can now choose to search by Missing Application, Installed Application Version, and Version Comparison Operator, in addition to searching by Installed Application which we launched a few weeks ago.

Looking forward to bringing you more new features and “quality of life” feature improvements soon! Please write to help@syncromsp.com if you have any questions regarding the items above.

Enjoy the weekend,
The Syncro Team