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Syncro Introduces AI-Powered Smart Ticket Management Solution for MSP and IT Operations

Significantly Increases Resolution Efficiency, Supporting Profitable Business Growth

SEATTLE – June 11, 2024 – Syncro, a leading B2B SaaS company serving the managed service provider (MSP) and IT markets, today announced the integration of its new AI-powered Smart Ticket Management solution within its existing platform. This new feature is purpose built to boost MSPs’ and IT professionals’ ability to remediate more tickets more effectively with significantly less time and effort. The launch of Syncro’s Smart Ticket Management marks a major milestone in the company’s initiative to incorporate AI throughout its solution to improve operational efficiency.

Unlike many competitors who have simply added ChatGPT-like capabilities, Syncro has developed IT specific models trained on a real-world curated IT data set. This approach helps MSP and IT professionals operate more efficiently, overcome talent shortages and grow their businesses with fewer resources.

Syncro’s Smart Ticket Management helps companies improve their operations by leveraging automated and guided remediation options. This helps less experienced technicians tackle more complex tickets with greater confidence and enables experienced technicians to spend dramatically less time remediating tickets.

Key Features and Benefits

  • Automatic Ticket Categorization-When a ticket is created (either by a user or by an alert), the solution automatically categorizes the ticket based on its contents. For example, tickets may be labeled for issues related to printers, network, storage, memory, CPU, and other categories (up to 40 different categories).
  • Asset Identification-The system intelligently determines if the ticket has an associated printer or asset and displays relevant asset identification information, allowing technicians to quickly access details necessary for troubleshooting.
  • Guided and Automated Resolution Steps-Syncro’s Smart Ticket Management system creates guided resolution steps with a convenient checklist embedded in the ticket. Many tickets include links to scripts and automations, enabling technicians to resolve issues with a simple click. All suggested automations and scripts are vetted and pre-approved by Syncro’s team to ensure a safe and secure computing environment.

These features enable technicians to resolve tickets with less effort and time, saving experienced technicians time and helping less experienced technicians solve more complex problems more easily.

Future Enhancements
Smart Ticket Management will also include Smart Search in a future enhancement later this summer. This will go beyond simple keyword searches enabling technicians to resolve tickets more effectively by showing tickets similar to the one they are working on. Once a technician opens a ticket, it will automatically display the most similar and relevant tickets for the associated client and display the most relevant and similar tickets from other clients that could aid in resolution.
The Smart Search capability also introduces what the company has dubbed “conversational search” leveraging natural language. It enables users to perform queries in a natural and intuitive way. For example, a user might ask, “show me all the tickets where I helped Acme Corp. resolve printer problems.” Or they might ask “show me tickets where the disk quota was exceeded.”

Positive Customer Impact
Several of Syncro’s MSP partners in an early access trial program have reduced the time it takes to resolve tickets enabling their staff to tackle more and higher value work for their customers. “One of the key challenges we have is the amount of time our technicians spend on tickets,” said Cole Nicholas, CEO, Cybertek Systems. “Syncro’s Smart Ticket Management does a lot of the tedious and time-consuming work, helping our techs to spend less time on tickets and more time on profitable project work and building stronger customer relationships. We believe the efficiency we have gained will enable us to grow our business without needing to add additional techs.”

Michael George, CEO of Syncro said, “Smart Ticket Management marks a significant milestone in our commitment to continuous innovation. It’s driven by customer feedback and our dedication to helping MSPs and IT professionals operate more efficiently. By leveraging the power of AI and other advanced technologies, we aspire to give our partners and customers the tools they need to thrive in today’s ever changing IT landscape.”

The new Smart Ticket Management capability will be commercially available this summer and will be automatically integrated into Syncro’s all-in-one platform.

About Syncro
Syncro is one of the fastest-growing platform companies in the managed service provider (MSP) industry. The company provides a comprehensive platform that empowers MSPs and IT service professionals with the tools and automation they need to run their businesses efficiently and to provide world-class IT services. Syncro’s all-in-one Professional Services Automation (PSA), Remote Monitoring and Management (RMM), and remote support software solution help MSPs streamline operations and achieve business success. With refreshingly simple pricing, no contracts, and one flat fee for all features – Syncro is dedicated to empowering its MSP partners to thrive through operational excellence, fostering growth and profitability. To learn more, follow SyncroMSP on Facebook, X, and LinkedIn.

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