We moved the reboot option from scripts to the Action menu on asset records. We also made this available as a bulk action as well.

Now when you see a “Pending Reboot” badge on an asset record, it will have an arrow on the side of it exposing an option to reboot the asset directly from that menu.

We added installed AV info to the Asset Audit Report, and as a column in the Asset index page.

We added an asset thumbnail to asset records. Previously, these were only available in the asset Quick View Modal.

We added the following Syncro Chat updates:

  1. Added the ability to trigger new chats from:
    1. “Chat” button within the Asset Quick View modal
    2. “Chat” action from the “…” menu on Assets associated with Tickets
    3. “Chat” option from the “Action” dropdown on Asset records themselves
    4. “New Chat” action from the new item dropdown (+) in the header
  2. Added remote access links to chat messages.
  3. Added links from tickets that take you directly to the related chat interaction.
  4. Links in chat messages are now clickable.
  5. Bug Fix: We also fixed a minor bug where the Unavailable Message was failing to wrap properly.

Bug Fix: We fixed an issue with tax calculation on bundles that include items with contract pricing.