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Syncro’s ITSM Software: An Invaluable Resource

From process automation and customizable scripting, to enhanced IT ticketing and reporting, the benefits of deploying Syncro RMM (remote monitoring and management) to manage IT are far-reaching and impactful to the entire organization – not just the internal IT teams who oversee the platform.

ITSM Features in Syncro RMM

Streamlined All-in-one MSP Software
Automated Patch Management

Keep systems up-to-date with the latest security patches and updates to reduce vulnerabilities and ensure compliance. Create regular patching schedules, decide which updates to install or block, and get reports detailing any vulnerable systems.

Syncro Remote Access
Remote Access & Support

Support end users in any location with Syncro’s full suite of remote access and remote support functions – including remote file system browser, terminals, event viewer, and remote registry editors – to facilitate quick issue resolution.

Syncro Cross Platform MSP Software
Scripting & Automation

Improve efficiency and reduce manual workload. Syncro RMM enables internal IT teams to customize and automate workflows almost limitlessly with robust scripting capabilities in PowerShell, VBScript, Mac, and batch scripting.

Syncro RMM - Remote Monitoring and Management
Real-Time Monitoring & Alerts

Monitor system health and performance continuously and get alerts for potential issues, outages, and security threats.

Reporting & Analytics

Generate reports and in-depth analytics on ticket metrics to identify trends, measure performance, and optimize IT efficiency and workflow.

ITSM Ticketing System

Create a more seamless workflow. By automating ticket creation based on RMM alerts, your IT team can monitor systems and manage support tickets easily, improving efficiency and response times.

More Syncro Features

  • Unlimited RMM agents for Windows and Mac devices
  • Splashtop access for all your technicians
  • Windows OS patch management
  • Third-party patch management
  • Remote backgrounding tools
  • Automated workflows
  • Community script library
  • SNMP network monitoring
  • Brandable system tray icon
  • Automated remediation for RMM alerts
  • Phone, chat, and ticket support
  • 50+ integrations (Domotz and more)
  • Access to Syncro community forums

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