If you are reading this, it means Syncro is now in Open Beta!

As of today, Syncro is now available for you to try during our Open Beta phase. Since we’re new around here, we wanted to take this opportunity to say hi, introduce you to Syncro, and share some info about Syncro and how the Open Beta works.

So what is Syncro?

We’re building a fully armed platform specifically designed to help Managed Service Providers (MSPs) and IT Pros streamline, automate, and ultimately grow their businesses.

But you’ve probably heard something like that before, so what makes Syncro different?

PSA and RMM software can be over-complicated, over-bloated, and over-priced. That can mean your team spends more time training while you spend more money on features you don’t need.

We’re building Syncro to be robust, but lean. Easy on the eyes, but functional. And priced fairly and transparently. Here is a taste of what makes Syncro standout:

  1. Fully integrated PSA + RMM without the bloat – Our full-featured PSA talks directly to our embedded RMM, giving you full control over all the key functions for running your IT business. We’re combining this with native Remote Session software (Syncro Live) which is launching soon. Stay tuned for more news about Syncro’s remote capabilities.
  2. Beautiful, intuitive design – Let’s be honest, it’s a pain to spend your workday grappling with a cumbersome user interface. Good software is easy to navigate and easy to look at, so you can solve problems and crush tasks. We built Syncro with that philosophy in mind.
  3. Radically simple pricing – We’re not fans of complicated pricing, platform fees, or tiresome sales calls. We believe that software should be priced fairly and transparently, which is why you just pay one price per tech and get unlimited endpoints. See our pricing here.

We hope you’ll come try Syncro Open Beta for yourself – click here to sign up for a Free Trial.

Here’s a peek of what you’ll find inside Syncro:

  • Full-featured PSAProfessional Services Automation
    • CRM & Help Desk/Ticketing
    • Integrated Billing including estimates, invoices, and payments
    • Asset and Inventory Management
    • Built-in Marketing & Lead Generation
    • Reporting & Analytics
  • Embedded RMMRemote Monitoring & Management
    • Real-time Monitoring and Notifications
    • Windows Patch Management
    • Custom Scripting
    • Policies
  • Syncro Live Remote Sessioncoming soon to Open Beta
    • Launch a remote session with one-click
    • Task Manager
    • System Information
    • File System
    • CMD/PowerShell

About the Open Beta

  1. It is completely free to try during Open Beta so make sure you create a free account to poke around and test all the features.
  2. We’re building fast and will be shipping new features weekly, so keep checking our blog to get the latest news.
  3. We’re all ears and would love to talk to you (yes, like actually speak on the phone!). We want to hear your feedback, answer your questions, and work together to build the best platform for MSPs.
  4. We need your help and feedback. Seeing something that doesn’t look right? Or maybe you have great ideas for features you need for your business? If either is true, we need your feedback! Get in touch with us at help@syncromsp.com.

We’ll be officially launching Syncro later this year, but sign up now to be the first to try it.

What now?

Well first of all, thanks again for joining us. If you’d like to join the Syncro Open Beta, just click here and create a free account. Or join our mailing list to receive the latest news.

From there, you can try out Syncro and share your feedback and questions with us at help@syncromsp.com. We’ll be shipping updates weekly, so keep an eye out for our emails.

That’s all for now! We’re excited to talk with you soon.

– The Syncro team