Updated on 05/19/2020

We’ve been working closely with MSPs in the Syncro community to make sure we are shipping useful and actionable features to help you combat the impact of Coronavirus.

Bring Your Own SMTP is Now in Public Beta  Today we’re moving “Bring Your Own SMTP” into public beta for all Syncro users. This feature allows you to use your own mail server when sending client-facing emails out of Syncro, so you have the greatest amount of control over outbound email deliverability.

MSP Jobs – Job Listings SiteWe’ve developed a simple Job Listings site directed specifically at the MSP industry to make it easier to find extra help or for job opportunities in the industry.

Info About the SBA Paycheck Protection Program  For businesses in the U.S., the Small Business Administration Paycheck Protection Program (PPP) launches today. This program promises $350 Billion to small businesses affected by the Coronavirus Pandemic.

Duplicate Recurring Invoices – We’ve added a small, quality of life feature to our Recurring Invoices module. Now you can duplicate your Recurring Invoices with the click of a button! All of your line items, communication settings, and scheduling options will be carried over automatically to the new Invoice.

How the CARES Act Can Help Your MSP Business The Coronavirus Aid, Relief, and Economic Security (CARES) Act, which was passed and signed into law last week, provides massive new programs and initiatives to assist U.S. businesses impacted by the Coronavirus pandemic. See what it means for your MSP.

Customer Portal MFA We’ve enabled Multi-Factor Authentication for your Customer Portal users. Now you can force MFA for new and existing portal users on a per-user basis.

Contact Notification Preferences – We’ve made a major revision to how Contact notifications work withing Syncro. Now, each Contact can implicitly be set to receive billing and/or marketing emails.

Public Installer Links for Syncro RMM Agent – We’ve added a quick and easy way to send your clients a specific Syncro Agent installer link via Public URLs. Simply copy the public link and send them off to your clients as needed!

Community Resource for Answering “Is an MSP an Essential Business?” During Novel Coronavirus Shutdowns – We created a Google Spreadsheet that the MSP Community has used to crowdsource information by location (Country, State, City) for answering whether or not MSPs are “Essential Businesses”. 

Custom Activity Logging for Assets via Scripting – We’ve added yet another item to our growing list of custom PowerShell commands. Now we allow your scripts to log custom events to the Recent Activity section of your Asset records!

Broadcast Messages to Clients via the Syncro Agent

You can select an asset, a group of assets, or perform a filtered search, and then broadcast a branded desktop message to those selected devices.

Wake on LAN
Now you can wake assets that are sleeping or powered off with the click of a button.

Syncro Live – File System Updates
A rather big improvement to using the File System Module in Syncro Live, you can now rename, download, copy, zip and more.

Mailer Templates Built for Coronavirus Messaging
We’ve added new templates to Mailer to make it easier to communicate with your customers during this time.

Asset Activity Report
A brand new report allowing you to filter Asset activity history on a global level.

Improvement: Email RMM Agent Installer Link
Now you can specifically assign any of your Asset Policies for the generated link, and include that in your Ticket Comment with the click of a button.

YouTube Playlist:
Adapting Your MSP to Coronavirus
We’ve filmed some key features and workflows that can help you successfully transition your clients to remote work.

Thank you to all the MSPs and IT Pros that are helping people, families, and businesses all over the world during the Coronavirus Pandemic. We’re committed to helping you weather the storm.

– The Syncro Team