Clients Can Now Search For Information Within the Customer Portal

With our new Per-User Portal Permissions feature release a few months ago, we’re now seeing more MSPs than ever deploying Customer Portals for their clients. With today’s release, we are targeting your more active clientele who may need to reference something historical from the Portal, but are met with a huge amount of records to sift through. Not anymore! We’ve enabled new search functions on nearly every section of the Customer Portal, including things like filtering and a search query field!

These new search capabilities respect the Portal Permissions you have set up for each Portal User, so your clients are only able to search for information they’ve been allotted access to.

Note: As of now, searching within the Invoices section will not show results for “total” or “balance due,” however these two fields will be added soon! Stay tuned.

To learn more about the Customer Portal feature within Syncro, view our Help Center article here.

We’ve Added Tab Completion to the Syncro Live Terminal

The title says it all! We’ve added tab completion to Syncro Live’s PowerShell and command line terminals to allow the “tab” key to auto-complete terminal commands. Prior to this update, using the tab key while in the Syncro Live Terminal would tab you out of the terminal as a normal tab function in a browser should do.

To learn more about Syncro Live, please visit our Help Center article here.

The Syncro Team