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Syncro RMM & PSA Expands Reporting Capabilities With Executive Summary Report Builder

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We’re excited to officially take the wraps off our brand new Executive Summary Report Builder. Yes, you read that right, report builder. This thing is awesome, and allows for some serious customization to be put into these reports, right down to where you want the page breaks to appear in your PDFs.

Instead of continuing down the path of creating a bunch of static, fixed reports, we went back to the drawing board and took the necessary time we needed to deliver something truly extraordinary. This report is modular, meaning you can include (or exclude) anything you’d like in a templatized fashion. More importantly, this is going to become the foundation for what comes next.

Before we get into what comes next, however, we want to stress that what we’re releasing today is Version 1.0 of this report. Over the past few months, we’ve had a blast working directly with the Syncro Community through our new Community-Driven Development Track, and bringing your feature requests from paper to reality. We’ve seen some truly killer features come to fruition as a result. We’ve enjoyed it so much in fact, that we’re going to do something we’ve never done before in the history of Syncro. We’re letting our Syncro Community build Version 1.1 of this feature, bringing the definition of “community-driven” to entirely new levels. That process will start in about a week, and will take place in our Facebook group.

Lastly, we are sure all of you are clamoring for what comes next. After we release Version 1.1 of the Executive Summary Report Builder, we’ll be moving toward bringing the report builder concept to a wider array of additional metrics and modules, to the point that eventually you’ll be able to custom build just about anything you want in the same fashion being presented here. This same technology is going to allow us to update our dashboards in some truly dramatic (and customizable) ways moving forward. While this is not going to be a quick process, you should expect the same level of detail and customizability in everything we intend to build next for reporting.

So, that’s our new Executive Summary Report Builder, available to all Syncro accounts starting today.

To learn more about how to use this feature, check out our Executive Summary Report Builder Help Center article.

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Ian Alexander

Ian Alexander

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