May 2022 – Part II – Release Notes

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Alerts and Notifications:

  • Resolved an issue where an asset would continue to send alerts, even if their policy was changed to no longer send alerts

Customer Portal:

  • Resolved an issue where invoices with a serialized item could be paid, despite not having a serial number linked in the invoice


  • Resolved an issue where “Projected Value” was being calculated incorrectly


  • Resolved an issue where UK VAT Exclusive items were imported into Quickbooks as Tax Inclusive.  VAT Tax in UK now sync to Quickbooks as expected


  • Resolved an issue where during a refund process, selecting “Add to existing RMA”, did not actually add the product to the existing RMA, but rather, started a new RMA.


  • Resolved an issue where editing a particular recurring invoice would sometimes display a ‘404 error’ message
  • Resolved an issue where a recurring invoice without a selected payment processor (but a saved credit card was stored) would automatically fail the attempt to bill, causing a failed billing error.
  • Resolved an issue using “Pay Now” from an Invoice screen, where the payment types would not display as expected.

Mac Agent:

  • Resolved an issue where the Mac Agent would install, however, the asset would not show up as expected in “Assets”
  • Resolved an issue where the Asset Screenshot would display a blue screen or an error “screen recording not enabled”, despite the setting being enabled
  • Added CrowdStrike as a valid AntiVirus provider, previously the agent would report AV as installed, but would not validate CrowdStrike

OS Patching:

  • Resolved an issue where an OS Patch Policy could not be deleted if an asset had an available patch

Policy Inheritance:

  • Resolved an issue where selecting “Change Customers” on the “All Assets” page would not complete as expected, despite a success message.

Purchase Order:

  • Resolved an issue where the “Order Date” would show differently during PO view, versus what was selected during the Purchase Order entry.

PSA Tools:

  • Resolved an issue to prevent “negative time” when editing a time entry (validation added: end time cannot be before start time)


  • Resolved an issue where the “Asset Audit” Report CSV did not show ticket numbers as expected in the “ticket” column


  • Resolved an issue where an MSI file that is uploaded to a script would download as another file extension
  • Resolved an issue where Scheduled Scripts would sometimes show an invalid and past Next Run date

Ticket Automations:

  • Resolved an issue where creating a new ticket, and then creating a Ticket Automation, the new Ticket Automation would not run as expected, based on the set schedule.


  • Resolved an issue with Custom Ticket Fields not saving changes as expected
  • Resolved an issue where certain conditions would cause Appointment emails to continue to send after the Appointment Date

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