Bootstrapped Scripts within Syncro RMM

New Syncro features: octopus arm reaching for lapatop

Today we’ve added some new default scripts into Syncro’s scripting engine. We’re releasing these to all Syncro accounts throughout the day (5/20/2020 PST).

We get asked quite frequently how to better utilize Syncro’s extremely flexible scripting system, and these scripts are designed to do just that. They’re organized by type, and designed to accomplish one simple task each. When applicable, these scripts will introduce you to some of the more robust aspects of our scripting system, like script variables and Syncro’s very own PowerShell Commands.

To learn more about Syncro’s Scripting module, check out our Scripting Help Center article.

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Ian Alexander

Ian Alexander

Co-founder and Channel Chief at Syncro. Always trying to find ways to help MSPs. Former MSP tech and break-fix owner. Basketball player, human and dog dad. Grew up in Berkeley, living in Sacramento.

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