Hey Syncro users,

We want to share a cool feature in Syncro’s Recurring Invoice Templates that you can use to automatically update line item quantities when a client needs to add or remove services and devices (if they add a new employee, for example).

Other PSAs make it difficult to automatically update recurring invoices or don’t have any automation at all. You have to go into the Recurring Invoice you’ve set up for that client and manually update the quantities of whatever line items you originally added to the Invoice, in order to reflect the additional services and devices. Even worse, you might forget to do so, and undercharge your client.

With Syncro, you can automate this process 🙂

Let’s walk through how you can set up dynamic updates to Recurring Invoice line item quantities to free up your time and avoid undercharging for your services.

Here’s how this works:

1) Log into your Syncro account and open up one of your Recurring Invoice templates (or create a new one).

2) Scroll down to the “Add Line Item” section of the template.
Add Line Item

3) Click on the drop-down menu under the “Recurring Type” field and select either:

  • Asset/RMM Counter – Automatically updates the quantity based how many Assets of a particular Asset Type a Customer has.
  • RMM Package – Automatically updates the quantity based on how many Assets with a particular Policy a Customer has.

Select Recurring Item Type

4) If you’ve selected “Asset/RMM Counter,” choose the Asset Type from the drop-down menu under the “Dynamic Quantity based on asset count of type” field to add the appropriate Asset. (Side note: If you’ve selected RMM Package, the system will simply count up all the Syncro Devices that are on the specific Policy you chose).
Recurring Item Type

This function will count how many Assets this Customer has under the selected Asset Type, and it will automatically use that number as the line item quantity. For example if a Customer has 3 Assets with the type “Syncro Device” and you selected that type from the drop-down, then a quantity of 3 for that line item would be added to that Recurring Invoice.

This quantity will continue to automatically update before the next Recurring Invoice is scheduled to go out, preventing you from ever needing to manually update quantities as a Customer’s Asset numbers fluctuate.

5) Click the green “Add Item to Template” button and continue updating the remaining Recurring Invoice information.

For more information, check out this Help Center article on Recurring Invoices: https://help.syncromsp.com/hc/en-us/articles/115002530053-Subscription-Management-and-Recurring-Invoices

Happy invoicing!

-The Syncro Team