Hey Syncro Users,

This week’s “How to” post aims to help you invoice your managed services clients when they request additional work that’s beyond the scope of their contract.

When a client requests additional work, you charge the client each time – but you don’t want to send them a new Invoice for every job, you just want to add these charges to their monthly recurring invoice. 

We’re going to show you how you can simply add these “one time” charges onto your regularly-scheduled Recurring Invoices in Syncro automatically, so you never have to spend the time adding these individual charges each time they come up.

Let’s pretend you completed the following one-time jobs for an MSP client over the past month:

  • Installed a new network printer
  • Installed new software on all of the client’s computers
  • Ordered a bunch of hardware the client requested

You would first go into your Syncro account and make a new Ticket for each job, filling in the necessary fields. Here’s an example of one:

Maybe you’re tracking time or adding a trip charge for how long it took to get to the job if it required a site visit:

Now, you’ve got a series of pending Ticket charges, but no automatic Invoice to charge the client for the work, as it isn’t a part of their existing Recurring Invoice line items.

You probably don’t want to send the client multiple Invoices this month, so you can simply:

  1. Leave the additional charges as pending Ticket charges.
  2. Open up your Recurring Invoice for the client.
  3. Select the checkbox for “add any pending Ticket charges (from shopping cart)”
  4. This means that each pending Ticket charge appearing within the time interval you have set up for the Invoice will automatically get added as new charges to the scheduled Recurring Invoice!

That’s all there is to it folks!

Checkmark the “pending ticket charges” box whenever you create a new Recurring Invoice for a client, or edit your existing Recurring Invoices to start automatically adding pending charges moving forward.

To find out more, visit our Help Center article here.

As always, please email help@syncromsp.com with any feedback you have.

The Syncro Team